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Asbestos Survey at a Co-Educational Secondary School

EnviroSolution were contacted to undertake a survey at a Co-Educational Secondary School in Accrington, it is a three-storey school was opened in 1967 and has undergone a number of extensions since.

The School has had some renovations and removals done over recent years and the client wanted to review and update the monitoring requirements for ACMs in the school and targeted a particular area for an extension.

The Survey undertaken found that certain parts ie The Kitchen and Boiler Room were labelled with Asbestos warning labels. Upon inspection and sampling these came back as Negative.

The Survey provided a confirmation and assessment of the condition of the small amount of ACMs (Asbestos Containing Materials) found previously. The survey also identified materials previously identified as asbestos that were not asbestos containing, thereby reducing monitoring requirements, saving time and money.