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Geo-Environmental Site Appraisal Services

EnviroSolution were appointed by Mace Group to undertake a number of Site Appraisal Surveys for a brownfield development site in Manchester for a future school development. This work was commissioned as part of the feasibility study to identify any potential risks and liabilities associated with the ground conditions at the sites.

The project involved the completion and project management of various multidisciplinary surveys and site visits to undertake an assessment of the site at Varley Street and the surrounding areas. The works included:

• Coal Mining Risk Assessment
• Ecology Scoping Survey
• Topographic Survey
• Utility Survey
• Road Safety Audit
• Tree Survey
• Phase 1 Contaminated Land Report
• Phase 2 Contaminated Land Report
• Remediation Strategy

Following the completion of the preliminary assessments, EnviroSolution designed a combined environmental and geotechnical ground investigation in order to fully investigate the site and ensure compliance with enforcing authorities, informed by the preliminary Conceptual Site Model.

Prior to commencement of the Phase 2 Intrusive Ground investigations EnviroSolution produced full Method Statements and Health and Safety Risk Assessments.

The intrusive techniques employed comprised the excavation of trial pits by a JCB and the drilling of boreholes using rotary open hole and window sampling techniques. A range of methods was used to ensure all aspects of contamination and geotechnical risk were addressed.

The ground investigation included the installation of combined groundwater and ground gas monitoring wells. EnviroSolution completed a programme of gas and groundwater monitoring.

EnviroSolution produced a fully detailed interpretive Geo-Environmental Phase 2 report for the site which included in depth information of the ground conditions, a quantitative assessment of the data in line with current UK guidelines and an updated conceptual site model. The report also provided an updated risk assessment for unrecorded coal mine workings.

A remediation options appraisal was undertaken for the site and a Remediation Strategy was produced.

EnviroSolution successfully completed and managed the delivery of a number of site surveys. The variety of surveys and site visits were implemented in a sequence of completion. EnviroSolution efficiently managed the timelines of different services, allowed the overall scope of work to be completed with a fast turnaround to meet our client’s deadlines EnviroSolution were able to provide the client with frequent progress updates and offer preliminary information and advice at all stages of the work. EnviroSolution produced a live risk register for the client which was active throughout the investigation stages. The quality of our work allowed our client to complete a feasibility study and make an informed decision when appraising the site for redevelopment