Geotech Assessment & Investigation

What we do

Geotechnical assessments are an essential part of any construction project as all subsequent work undertaken relies on the accuracy of information obtained from the geotechnical survey. Geotechnical risks may arise from soft/weak ground, groundwater, landslides, mining and sinkholes.

We design and carry out geotechnical assessments to assist development, at all stages of projects including:

  • Detailed intrusive geotechnical investigations (including in-situ geotechnical testing, plate load tests, permeability assessments, soakaway tests)
  • Foundation and pavement assessment and design
  • Ground improvement assessments
  • Slope stability assessments
  • Coal mining assessments
  • Earthworks specifications

We can offer an integrated Geotechnical and Contaminated Land consultancy service for all projects through our team of Geotechnical Engineers and Contaminated Land specialists.

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